About Je’Quita Zachary Johnson

Je’Quita Zachary Johnson received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business and has worked with many artists in promotions and marketing. She is a successful singer/songwriter of children’s music who shares her gift with the world. 

She is a passionate educator with a Specialist Degree in Teacher Leadership. Teaching is one of the most rewarding things that she has ever done. Je’Quita enjoys seeing her students, experiencing purposeful learning that can be applied to their lives.

She is the author of Gary the Greater Gator, a fun-loving story, which simplifies the educational concept of learning greater than and less than for children in grades kindergarten to fourth grade. Je’Quita is a keynote speaker who concentrates on educational topics, multiple intelligences, women’s interests, self-esteem, and children and youth’s concerns. Je’Quita Zachary Johnson is a woman of excellence who is preparing for purpose and planning for the promise.

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